Idumont Ltd. is located on 71 000  m² in the outer area of Dunaújváros, Fejér county in the heart of Hungary, 60 km away from Budapest, near the highways M6 and M8, next to the River Danube. The main sphere of activities of the company is the manufacturing and assembly of steel structures for lifting devices, crane and crane rail structures, special equipment, and conventional structures (platforms, buildings, etc.).

The whole company is directed from a central office by high qualified specialists in order to co-ordinate the work processes at the different sites accurately and in the adequate quality.

For the manufacturing of the structures we have a 7-wing production hall with an area of 11.500 m². During manufacturing we use a CNC gas cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, a CNC profile processing production line, and CNC plate processing equipment. The surface preparation is performed by using a 6-nozzle automatic descaling device and a 150 m², high clear-height manual wheel-blast equipment with 2 spray guns. 22 bridge cranes make the movement of the structures possible with a maximum lifting capacity of 90 tons, and a maximum lifting height of 12 m at a point.

Finished structures are delivered using our own vehicles. Due to the location of the company besides road transport also railroad and water-carriage are available. Our company emphasises accuracy and the customers' satisfaction.

From preliminary demand survey through planning and production preparation up to handing over the finished structures, you can get in touch with highly qualified co-workers ready to be at the disposal of our customers.


Our company has all the certifications necessary for steel structure manufacturing:

ISO14001, TÜV EN1090, MSZ28001, MVM ABOS, ISO 9001


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  • Hungary, 2400 Dunaújváros, Papírgyári út 49.
  • 0036 25 512 512
  • 0036 25 512 513
  • 0036 20 959 2508