For the production of the construction we have a 7-shipped production hall with an area of 11.500 m². During manufacturing we use a CNC plasma and flame cutting machines, CNC profile processing production line, and CNC plate processing equipment. The surface preparation is performed using a 6-nozzle automatic descaling device and a 150 m², high clear-height manual wheel-blast equipment with 2 spray guns. 22 bridge cranes make the movement of the structures possible with a maximum lifting capacity of 90 tons, and a maximum lifting height of 12 m at a point.


Automata revétlenítő

Automatic carious remover

  • range of sizes: X=2500 mm Y=900 mm
  • with inlet and outlet side roller lines
  • steel shot material
Kézi szemcseszóró kabin

Hand-blasting cabin

  • size: 8 m x 8 m door opening, 10 m x 15 m x 10 m
  • equipped with two spray guns
  • steel shot material
CNC vezérlésű lángvágó

CNC flame cutter

  • table size: 2000 mm x 12000 mm
  • equipped with two flame cutting heads
  • plate thickness from 5 to 300 mm
CNC vezérlésű, kombinált láng és plazmavágó

CNC flame and plasma cutting machine

  • table size: 4000 mm x 14000 mm
  • 2 pcs of flame and 2 pcs of plasma heads
  • plasma max. plate thickness of 20 mm, flame max. thickness of 300 mm
CNC vezérlésű profil fúró, daraboló berendezés

CNC profile drill, cutting device

  • max. cross section with measure of 1300 mm x 6000 mm
  • up to bar length of 18 m


  • up to a cross-section of 250 mm x 250 mm
  • up to a bar length of 12 m

Plate roller

  • with a maximum width of 3100 mm
  • max. plate thickness of 25 mm
  • smallest diameter 400 mm, largest diameter 4500 mm
Vonalfúrás, helyszíni megmunkálás

Line drilling, local processing

  • up to a diameter of 650 mm
  • maximum length 3000 mm
MIG-MAG hegesztőgépek

MIG-MAG welding apparatures

  • maximum power 450A
  • Rehm and Daihen-Vaistroj models
  • Impulse welding and program control
Félautomata hegesztő-kocsik

Semi-automatic welding carts

  • magnetic fixing
  • digital control
  • fillet weld, butt weld
  • quality seams
Hidraulikus lemezolló

Hydraulic plate shear

  • mac. cutting length 4 m
  • Max. plate thickness 22 mm
Hidraulikus lemezhajlító

Hydraulic plate bending machine

  • Bending length of 12 m
  • Max. plate thickness 25 mm

Profile roller

  • Up to a profile cross-section of 100 mm x 100 m
  • Smallest diameter 1000 mm

Radial drilling machine

  • Up to a bore size of 60 mm
  • With a carriage lever of 1500 mm

Hydraulic Iron Workers

  • workstations: 5
  • max. cutting thickness 25 mm
  • max. plate thickness of 20 mm

Bridge cranes

  • Lifting capacity at one point:90 t
  • With a maximum lifting height of 12 m – 70 t