Use of cookies

Rules for using cookies

This regulation applies to the cookies of website operated by Idumont Kft.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which includes only letters and numbers and which can be stored on the user’s computer, mobile phone or another device with Internet connection. The cookie is an information package which is sent by a web server to the browser, then the browser sends it back to the server during the request towards the server. The websites store the temporary but essential information in these files called cookies.

How cookies could be used

These files enable the recognition of the user’s device used for browsing, and thus they display relevant content adjusted to the user’s needs. The cookies provide simpler browsing for the user and help the Idumont Ltd. to provide as complete services as possible to the user. At the same time, they can be used to prepare some – anonymous – statistics which include valuable information on the site usage habits of the users. With the statistic results, the site’s structure and content can be formed in accordance with the needs so that the anonymity of the users is protected.

What do websites use cookies for?

During a visit, the website may save cookies on the user’s device for the following purposes:

  • Performance measurement of the website
  • Browsing analysis
  • Geo targeting
  • Measuring subscription habits
  • Offering appropriate products
  • Displaying relevant advertisements

Do the cookies include personal data?

No personal data are needed for the efficient operation of most cookies. Accordingly, in most cases, the cookie does not identify the specific user. The personal data collected during the use of cookies can be used solely to facilitate certain functions for the user. These data are stored in a way so that unauthorised persons cannot have access to them.

Delete cookies

By default, browsers used for accessing websites allow the placement of cookies on the device. However, these settings can be changed so that the browser blocks the automatic management of cookies or it notifies the user each time when a cookie has been sent to the device. For further information on cookies see the browser’s settings. Please note that the deletion/restriction of cookies may influence the site’s functionality.